Gymnázium, Roudnice nad Labem, Havlíčkova 175, příspěvková organizace

Anglický jazyk

  1. The history of the UK and the USA
  2. Food, meals, Czech and English cuisine, eating out
  3. Literature of English writing authors
  4. Cultural life and entertainment
  5. Work, profession, future career
  6. Health care, human body, balanced lifestyle, dieting
  7. Travelling, means of transport, going on holiday
  8. Shopping, services, spending money, banking
  9. Our school, education in the Czech Republic, the UK, the USA
  10. The Czech Republic and Prague
  11. Media, communications, new technologies
  12. Nature, environment, weather, seasons of the year
  13. Everyday life, daily programme
  14. Reading books, e-books, going to the library
  15. William Shakespeare, his life, work, legacy. The Globe Theatre
  16. Housing, buildings, furniture
  17. The town (village) I live in, its surroundings
  18. Cities of the English speaking countries (London, Washington, New York, Dublin,.…)
  19. English speaking countries in Europe
  20. The United States of America
  21. Other English speaking countries outside Europe (Canada, Australia, New Zealand)
  22. Hobbies, free time activities
  23. Sports, games
  24. Holidays and festivals in the Czech Republic, the UK and the USA
  25. Family, interpersonal relationships, appearances, psychical qualities

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